Campus Quality

By Jordan Cry




I went around and ask several students how they feel about the quality of the school. I surveyed 20 students, all who were all were different classifications and stayed in different parts of the school. The first question I asked was how they felt about living conditions. The students that stayed in Thurgood gave me the same response saying, it wasn’t the best place to stay but, because of how convenient it was, and that was its better than Marble they like it. Everyone I surveyed that stayed in Marble hall   said they didn’t like it and it sucked mainly because of how dirty it is and because they felt isolated from campus. Baldwin was a tossup. Half of the students said they liked it,  and half said they didn’t like it for the ones that didn’t like it the reason behind it was because of how small the rooms are and all the rules the people that did like reason was the convenience of how close it is to everything. None of the females I talked to like Blount because of the living conditions and how they got to share bathrooms. O’Connell was another place that nobody liked because of the location.

Next I asked how they felt about the food here. On a scale from1-10, the average student said they give the food here a 4. Between the Canteen and Refact 12/20 people said they rather eat in the Canteen. Witch says a lot about how bad the food is here because the refact is the better deal. Most of the people that prefer the Canteen said there problem with the refact is that the food is bland and even though it’s all you can eat the options are not good. Overall though people said they wanted more and better options when it comes to the food on campus.

The last question I asked was how you felt about the facilities here. Things like the library student center, field house, communication, business building, etc. The majority of students (15/20) felt like the facilities overall around campus were average. With the exception of the newer things built around campus. Places like the business building and communication building. Besides those two places everyone had a complaint about some building in the school.

So in conclusion overall the student body seems not to like the quality of the school and feels like some things need to be fixed. I personally don’t like the dorms and food here and share the same opinion as some of the people in my survey. However the grass is always greener on the other side so the best thing is to make use of what you have.untitled



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