Do you like your situationship? Viewpoints from MSU students.

By: Camille Harrison

If you ask a millennial, they would probably tell you “dating is dead” and that’s where the situationship is born.  A situationship is defined as when two people are in a relationship with no titles but the two parties partake in a lot of boyfriend and girlfriend activities. As you could imagine this is extremely confusing and can be maddening for both parties. So one might wonder, “Why don’t they just date?” and there lies the problem. No one freaking knows. It’s like playing a big game that no one wins.

I took a poll of 6 men and 6 women and got their takes on this more than complicated situation. Out of the 12 participants, nine of them said they were currently in a situationship or a relationship that would be categorized as such. Out of the nine, four were men and five were women and out of the women only one was okay in the relationship and all four men were content in the situation. Now with these numbers I began to ask myself “Are situationships all the doing of men?”

The other 3 participants that were either single or in committed relationships condemned the thought of a situationship. “It brings too much drama from a n**** I can’t even claim,” said one student.

I then asked the participants what they thought made situationships so complicated. 8 out of 12 students agreed that the lack of titles are what makes situationships so difficult. Other factors that were discussed in this study that made this type of relationship complicated were the length of the situationship, having sex during the situationship, and meeting family and/or friends during the situationship.

So before you get in a situationship consider these factors and watch your back.


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