Faux “Modeling” Culture at Morgan: Joshua Banbury

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When I first arrived at Morgan in 2014 I was approached by a group of posh students in the student center. The conversation unfolded like this.

Me: Um, hi

Posh Student: Hi.  Do you model?

Me: Yes, occasionally. I’ve done mostly runway stuff in high school.

Posh Student: Oh okay cool. Do you want to be in our modeling group/club?

Me: Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t understand.

Posh Student: Well we model around campus, and have performance and do photo shoots.

Me: Oh for what agency? Do you get paid?

Posh Student: No we just do it on campus…..

Me: I think I’ll pass.

Posh Student: Whatever

I was completely confused by this concept of modeling for free and virtually just for attention on campus. Whenever I had modeled in the past it was only for professional engagements. Modeling to me is already a vain and shallow industry, so the only way I would subject myself to the industry is if I was getting paid well. Why on earth would people create fake agencies to “model” for free?

I later on attended on of the “fashion shows”and the majority of it was actually dancing, vouging to be specific. It was a vouging dance battle essentially, the clothes were cheap and poorly made and most of the “models”  would never meet the requirements to be a model in the real modeling industry.


The culture of modeling agencies on campus completely fascinates me, especially since there are 3 different “agencies”. The concept of these agencies is parallel to the concept of “houses”  in the gay community. Houses are communities of gays that are associated closely with each other.They become like a family and typically bond through things like going to “balls” and vouging. Another inserting observation is that at the head of each of theses “agencies” are gay men.


I simply don’t understand the point of these groups that literally walk in lines.  They “perform” at pep-rallies and do flash mobs, essentially to get attention. In my very meek opinion, I feel that these groups of possess no real talent yet want to opportunity to bee seen and have their best friend yell “SLAAAAYYYYYY”  at them for walking in a line.  Walking in a line is not talent nor is it art, however vouging and death dropping is, but one could also say that that is not even “modeling”

The purpose of a model is to sell the merchandise of a brand. So what is the purpose of doing this for recreation?

Okay so I’m stepping off my soap box to expose my survey results for this week.

I asked 20 students across campus 3 questions about the agencies and their opinions on them, because surely I cant be the only on that thinks it is nonsense.

 Below are my questions and statistics.

Have you ever attended a “fashion show” at Morgan?

35% said yes. Of that 35%, 51% were women .

Are or have you ever been apart of the three agencies on campus?

40% said they have been apart of the “agencies.  Out of that 40%, 80% were women.

Do you believe these agencies on campus represent the real fashion industry today and nonsensical ?

60% said they believed the agencies are realistic and in fact make sense.


After collecting my data, it seemed apparent that the students here are in favor of the faux fashion industry here on campus.

I suppose I’ll never understand the point of these agencies.




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