As the Holidays are arriving people are trying to figure out their plans over the next few weeks like what’s on the menu, traveling arrangements, tree shopping , and more. Normally people like to stick to the Traditions during holiday season but every now and then you have families that will step out of the box and try a non-tradition celebration. For this survey I decided to ask family and friends 2 questions pertaining to their preferences on food and decorations during the holiday season.

Question 1:

Do you prefer to eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (TURKEY, STUFFING,ETC.)  or do you prefer a non-traditional dinner(SEAFOOD, LASAGNA,ETC.) ?

8 out of 10 people surveyed prefer a traditional Thanksgiving dinner because a lot of the foods associated with this Holiday aren’t cooked regularly. One person had a great point and said normally their Christmas dinner has a non-tradition dinner theme like a seafood feast so that’s why it’s important to keep the Thanksgiving dinner tradition. The other 2 people surveyed said they are open to trying new things for the holidays and Thanksgiving food isn’t their favorite.

Question 2:

Do you prefer to hang your Christmas decorations up in time for Thanksgiving or do you prefer to wait and hang them up once the Thanksgiving holiday is over?

7 out of the 10 people surveyed prefer to hang their Christmas decorations up after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Most of the people that feel like Christmas decorations should go up after the holiday said that it’s something that’s traditional within their family. A few people also talked about how Thanksgiving is a separate holiday that means something totally different therefore it should be kept separately from Christmas.  The other 3 people surveyed said they like hanging their decorations up before because Thanksgiving sparks  the “holiday season” and it’s at the end of November.




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