Smoking On MSU Campus

Isaiah George, Alicia Diaz, Sophia Lowe, Korey Matthews, Brandon Buckson
Comm 204
International Students ignoring smoking policy
For our PEW this week our group decided to look into the issue of smoking on campus but particularly with international students and why they decide to smoke outside the communications building every day even though last year Morgan State implemented a no smoking policy throughout the campus. To get a feeling on how students felt about it so we asked 50 students 3 questions and they were: 1. do you or have you ever noticed the foreign students that get together and smoke outside the communications building, 2. Why do you think those students disregard the no smoking policy, 3. How can the issue be resolved.
For the first question asking if people noticed them we expected a good amount of people to tell us that they didn’t notice them because a lot of people that go to the communication building for class usually come to and from the building using the communication bridge probably wouldn’t ever come in contact with them but after reviewing our results only 15 people out of 50 said they did notice them. For the 35 people that did notice a lot of them gave a really negative response when answering the question and a couple started talking about how they’ve had to walk through them sometimes.
The second question asking why do people think they disregard the policy our group thought that it may be because they don’t understand the no smoking policy but 26 out of the 50 students said that the international students probably just don’t care and don’t think that they are doing anything wrong. Other than the 26 I just mentioned we got a lot of different responses for the this questions like “they think they are above everybody else so they can do whatever they want” and one person even compared the international students here to black students at PWI’s pretty much saying that they thought because those international students are the minority at an HBCU that gathering outside for smoke was their “little safe haven”.
For the last question asking how people thought the issue could be resolved our group thought that people would say fines would be most people’s response and we were right because 32 people said that the international students should be fined or ticketed if they are found smoking on campus. Even though there most of the students thought there should be fines for the those students 11 people said that there should be designated smoking areas on campus, while that does seem like a good idea the school would have to tweak its no smoking policy a year into having it which may not look good for the school. The MSU police and new security that was hired last year who can be seen walking around the campus and posted near the communication bridge were unavailable for comment. Also the international students weren’t out there a couple of days when it was raining but didn’t want to give their comment.


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