The Moment of Truth….. By: Petra Dormand

As final exam week approaches, Morgan State students prepare for an exam that can either make or break them. Graduating seniors take their finals a week or two early before the rest of the student body. I surveyed 10 students and I asked them questions pertaining to their final exam. I asked them: How do you prepare for finals, where do you study and ,lastly; what are some of your study methods. I asked graduating seniors, the freshman class and upper-class men.

The first group that I interviewed were a couple of students from the freshman class. 4 out of 10 students said that they are going to use some of their study methods that they used when they studied for their midterms. Michal Bowery, a freshman track runner said ” I write down the dates that each of my finals take place and make a mental note on what is going to be on the exam. I typically study in the library because its quiet and I can get a lot more work done. When preparing for big exams such as finals, I would print out all of my study guides if the professor provides one; if not then I would create one for my benefit and I would work on each study guides little by little until everything is filled out. Depends on which exam is first, I would study the study guide and look back in the textbook to reference on something that I do not understand .”

The second group that I interviewed were a couple of students from the upper class. 4 out of 10 students said that they prefer to study in groups because you can get a variety of answers for a question and you are able to ask a classmate for help if you don’t understand something. Jordan Walters who is a junior said ” I prepare for finals by asking my professors what is going to be on the final and take good notes in preparation  for it. I study in the library because I am able to concentrate on my work and I am less likely to get distracted. One method that I typical use to prepare for a big exam is to go over each chapter bit by bit and take notes on it and then compare my notes to another colleague of mine to see if I’m on the right track.”

Lastly, I interviewed a group of graduating seniors and they said that since this was their last final that they were taking their last final as a undergraduate its a bittersweet moment. Knowing that all of their hard work paid off and it got them to where they are at currently is an accomplishment. Yohan Habtom, who is graduating in a couple of days said ” Whenever I studied for finals, I would study alone and I would meet up with a group if I had a question. Two places places that I preferred to studied was the library, engineering building and a empty classroom. Depending on what class I was taking a final for I would either procrastinate till the minute and study for it or study a week before the final.”

Finals exams is a college student worst nightmare because after a couple of days and nights of studying the material; its either you’re going to pass or take an “L”.


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